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One Saturday morning on her way to MathFest, Ingrid is kidnapped and wakes up in the trunk of a car. Later that evening someone kills Katie. But Grampy refuses to cooperate or provide an alibi. Adler read by Peter Lavezzoli Cam Jansen and her best friend Eric Shelton are spending three weeks at Camp Eagle Lake, where they play sports, do crafts, and solve three mysteries. A beginning chapter book.

Along the way the teens also uncover family secrets. The Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen: M. The three travelers are quickly caught up in a mystery involving quintuplets in lederhosen and a screaming ventriloquist. Steve eludes librarians, police, and the mysterious Mr. E as he seeks a missing quilt containing coded information—and solves his first case. They learn Sherlock Holmes was their ancestor, and they tackle the unsolved case of a missing painting from his casebook. Beil read by Anne Hancock Sophie St. The friends are soon involved in their first case—solving mysterious puzzles to find an archaeological treasure.

Brooks read by Phyllis Dorflinger Mr. Camphor enlists the help of Freddy the pig and his detective partner, Mrs. Wiggins the cow, who disguise themselves as campers to go ghost busting. A boy who had also been a hostage is returned after two years, but Rebecca suspects him of being a thief. To her horror, Emily discovers that the thugs she saw are now staying at her hotel and that they are bootleggers. Burns read by Ray Childs When her dependable grandmother is missing from her souvenir shop, Agatha Wong believes that Nana Wong has been kidnapped.

She enlists her crime-solving partner, Orville Wright, who has Asperger syndrome, to help solve the case. Burns read by Ray Childs Seventh-graders Agatha Wong and Orville Wright, who has Asperger syndrome, help organize a prank involving fire at a school football game. Burns read by Ray Childs Mrs. Burns read by Ray Childs Class bully Stu Frysley is missing in the woods on the seventh-grade camping trip.

Oddly, Mr. His actions make Meat uncomfortable, and Herculeah suspects that King may write so well about crime because he might just be a murderer.

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Ben becomes involved in defending the building after a dying janitor gives him an old engraved gold coin. But when Bashful Beaver comes to ask for help in locating his big black bag of beautiful bright blue buttons, Flatfoot Fox allows his assistant, Secretary Bird, to head up the investigation—with rather unusual results. When he disappears, Bessie feels trapped without her mother and her familiar North Carolina life.

Cooney read by Margaret Strom Connecticut.

1. The Unsupportive Prospecting Attitude

Jared Finch voices his disapproval when his parents volunteer to host a West African refugee family of four, the Amabos. It turns out that the Amabos are not innocent victims: they have a secret—and a dangerous former soldier on their trail. For grades and older readers. Meanwhile, Jinny decides to solve the mystery of the house at the edge of town and save the boy in it.

Chickee, the blind neighbor of Flint Future Detectives Club member Steven, gives him a quadrillion dollar bill that pictures soul singer James Brown. Chickee on the other side. Other strange happenings lead Allie to believe she is dealing with a ghost—of a girl not unlike herself. So Ted, whose brain is wired differently, and his older sister Kat work together to solve the mystery. When he is accused of stealing, Suzette investigates to find the real thief.

Someone, however, wants them to fail. When Ginger disappears, the adventurous children set out to find him.

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They suspect the little dog has been spirited away by a mysterious stranger wearing a yellow hat. Newbery Medal. Their reporting becomes sleuthing when they discover that a talented player is being blackmailed into throwing the final game. Open tennis championships in New York City. When Russian star Nadia Symanova is kidnapped before her match, Susan Carol and Stevie track down clues—and corruption. Sequel to Last Shot DB The two wind up as street performers in Venice, California, until they are discovered by their unknown nemesis.

Hawkins, a slave master who considers Pedro his property. But after Mr.

Sheridan proposes sending her to Paris disguised as a ballerina to report on the Revolutionary War, Cat accepts—and becomes a spy. This treasure hunt involves 2 bare-knuckled boxers, 3 enemies, and rioters. Suspecting foul play, the boys and their cousin Claire investigate. Could the town curse be at work? Tanya Lightov.

Unless they find Scott, Chet will have to perform as stand-in and kiss a girl on stage. Especially after Chet and his partner Natalie are fired from their next case—and James replaces them. The Mystery of Mr. Chet and his partner Natalie Attired try to find out who is sending threatening notes to stop sandpiper Viola Fuss from running for student council president.

Ratnose, accuses student Shirley Chameleon of cheating on a test, she pleads with detective Chet Gecko to clear her name. This request leads Chet and his mockingbird partner Natalie Attired to investigate a cheating ring in their elementary school.

Edgar Allan Poe Award. Small is busily cataloging the stupendous treasure from the secret cavern and underground maze. But the Darrows have not given up their search. Does Brian have a double? Their investigation pits them against the wealthy Bloodwater family, which wants to build condominiums on a Native American burial site.


Moonlight Masquerade

When classmate Alicia Camden is beaten and kidnapped, Roni teams up with Brian, a freshman science prodigy, to investigate. Some violence. With their father jailed for sinking a gambling boat, Noah Underwood and his sister Abbey gather evidence that casino owner Dusty Muleman is illegally emptying sewage tanks into coastal waters. While her biology class is on a field trip to the Black Vine Swamp, Mrs. Starch goes missing during a mysterious wildfire. Believing the class bully Smoke is involved, Nick and his friend Marta investigate and encounter some unusual people—and a panther. During the search, Hermux discovers a homeless teenager, fields of dying flowers, and killer bees.

One clue, an origami butterfly, leads Seikei and a former ninja on a long journey to find the assassin. With the help of a servant girl and an imperious old man, fourteen-year-old apprentice samurai Seikei sets out to rescue young emperor Yasuhito from kidnappers and to save the sacred sword from falling into the wrong hands. Now a samurai, Seikei returns home to Osaka, where he becomes involved in a murder investigation at a puppet theatre. But the next day, Johnny is dead and the case has become dangerous. Minutes later Nick and Tim find the man dying in a phone booth, and the brothers are drawn into an international spy case.

Moonlight Masquerade (London Encounters, #1) by Ruth Axtell

Alex discovers brainwashed clones and evil headmaster Dr. He is loaned to the CIA and sent to a Cuban island. There he must find out what a former psychopathic Russian general is planning to do with a nuclear bomb. And then a family secret is revealed. But the for-hire terrorist group, which plans to kill thousands of British schoolchildren, ensnares Alex for its own purposes. Household dogs Harold and Howie are thrilled, but Chester the cat is suspicious and predicts a gruesome fate for the Monroe family pets.

In the future a cutting-edge android in the form of a boy embarks on a journey to discover his true nature.

The Amazon travel guide: how to book, where to go, and what to do

PG 2 hrs. EPIX Thur. Ann Pettway kidnaps an infant from a New York hospital and raises the child as her own daughter.